How To Stay Connected With Your Senior Loved Ones

Staying in touch while living away from home can be pretty challenging, but taking time to communicate with loved ones in meaningful ways is an easy thing to do and an excellent way to show them that you care. Even if your loved ones are living in assisted living apartments with lots of activities and exciting things to do, it is still vital for families to keep connected and make the most of their time with them.


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Visits may be more complex for seniors living away from family or friends, but they are still possible. Scheduled visits add to the structure of the resident's senior living experience. They are a perfect way to ensure that as many family members as possible can touch them. Family visits and connections are important to seniors, so creating a natural, scheduled visit plan will ensure that your loved one does not miss any family time.


If your older loved one has an iPad, an e-reader, or another technology-friendly device, there are tons of apps to keep you connected. Here are five easy ways seniors can stay in touch with friends and relatives, no matter how close or far apart from their lives. There are many easy ways seniors can stay connected to family members and friends since communication over distance is not as accessible as it used to be.

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For that reason, senior family members are most likely to benefit from a simple, old-fashioned phone call. For seniors who have families living far away, video calls may be an excellent way to maintain contact with grandchildren while they are growing older. If you cannot find the time to visit a senior family member, video calls may be an option for connecting.


Setting a regular visitation time for family members or friends who are not so tech-savvy can provide both parties with peace of mind. Find friends and family who live near your loved one who could drop by for a visit or immediately take over in case of emergency. Tell family members you are trying new ways of staying virtually connected, and do not be afraid to ask for help.


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KAREWatch™ MG Medical Alert Smartwatch is an excellent choice for virtually staying connected with your senior loved ones while, at the same time, monitoring their health and safety. It has a two-way 4G video and voice calling feature that allows family members and caregivers virtually see their senior loved ones through the built-in camera of the KAREWatch™ straight to the mobile KAREWatch™  App on the family members and caregivers’ smartphones. This allows communication and connection between family members and seniors to be as frequent as possible. KAREWatch™ is easy to use, and the video call quality is clear, making it a perfect way for seniors to connect with loved ones even when living independently. On top of its advanced communication feature, KAREWatch™ MG also has SMS notifications, health, activity level monitoring, and medication reminders, a solution for seniors to stay connected and monitored by their loved ones, giving family members and caregivers peace of mind.


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Get your KAREWatch™ MG Medical Alert Smartwatch at, or call us at 855 932 KARE to start safeguarding your loved ones.

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